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Three Criteria

As I approach my last few days as a cyber professional, I find myself thinking about a set of criteria for jobs that I developed years ago and that I’ve applied pretty consistently throughout my career. I’m wondering if these criteria still apply in a professional world where visibility and networking seem to be the only things that matter. I’m reflecting on whether or not my decision to retire from tech aligns with my criteria.

My Sister Was…

Emily Suzanne (Lindell) Wiens, Anne’s younger sister, passed away quite suddenly on 13 October. Anne wrote the following in remembrance of her sister. My sister was… are the hardest words I have ever had to say. But I want to tell you about her and about her life. My sister was a delightful surprise. In a family overflowing with boys she was my ally, my friend and the kid who shared my room. When she was born I ran through

The Impact of 20 Years

In the summer of 1996, I did a cross-country road-trip to join Anne in San Francisco, the city that would be our home for the next 14 years. I deliberately headed a bit south so that I could visit my parents in El Paso, the city that had been *their* home for 24 years and that would remain their home for another 20, until…well…2 weeks ago when my mother and I flew to Chicago so she could live with my