My Sister Was…

Emily Suzanne (Lindell) Wiens, Anne’s younger sister, passed away quite suddenly on 13 October. Anne wrote the following in remembrance of her sister.

My sister was… are the hardest words I have ever had to say. But I want to tell you about her and about her life.

My sister was a delightful surprise. In a family overflowing with boys she was my ally, my friend and the kid who shared my room. When she was born I ran through our neighborhood shouting with joy. I was so proud of her I took her to school for show and tell (true story). From the first she was a bright light in our lives. Her laugh is something once you’ve heard you will never forget. My sister smiled often and she loved to laugh. My sister was fun.

My sister was a proud sports Mom, the best cookie baker, a baby whisperer, and everyone’s favorite Aunt.

My sister was beautiful, inside and out. She was warm, loving and kind. She wasn’t a pushover though. She was stern, but always fair. She was funny, in the best salty kind of way. She had fun where ever she went and what ever she did. My sister always made time to come see me when I traveled home. She was devoted to her family.

My sister was our family’s glue. The linchpin that kept us together. She was the best of us. She was a gift.

I will miss her always.